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I’ll just say it: Crowded House is one of my favorite bands since their start in 1985. Intriguer, is their 6th full-length album and their first with record label Universal. Nick Seymour on bass, Mark Hart on keys/guitar, Matt Sherrod on drums and Neil Finn vocals/guitar produced this record at Roundhead studios in Auckland, New Zeeland. You’ll hear Lisa Germano violin playing on “Archers Arrows” and “Even If “also Neil’s son Liam Finn “took to “Falling Dove” and the coda of “Isolation” with psychedelic guitar”(so said Neil). Neil Finn is the primary songwriter and creative drive of the band. Finn writes perceptive lyrics touching the heart as only a poet can. He cites artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and folk artist like Joan Baez, as his influences. Liam’s influence is given credit for making “Intriguer” the most interesting Crowded House album since “Together Alone”, if so I hope he continues providing inspiration. Pop music is often sneered at but unless music is heard (popular) what impact can in really have? Neil Finn shows us pop rock can be art in its finest form. Enjoy! Anne Lamont

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