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Heart that's Pounding


Australian singer/songwriter Sally Seltmann , known prior as New Buffalo, presents a new cd, the first under her own name. Every mention of Sally Seltmann seems to start by saying that she co-wrote Feist’s hit “1234.” So now you know and we can move on. If this album aims to be sweet and sunny it succeeds to a somewhat alarming degree. From the opening track, “Harmony To My Heartbeat” with it’s clappy and happy sound to the end song “Dark Blue Angel” her voice is just so… pleasant. I really liked the lyrics on #2 “Set me Free”, “I’m holding the knife in my hand, I’m hurting the man who told me he’d love me & he’d understand.. a girl needs to be alone set me free”. I think this is a cd made to appear in Romcom movies. Lots of the lyrics seem repetitive but somehow it holds together. Probably the most interesting feature of this cd is a nice use of off the beaten path instrumentation. I think the addition of strings on #3 and #4 is really quite brilliant. I liked this cd over all but I od’d when I listened to it as a whole. There isn’t a song you can’t try but be aware if you’re looking for moody, deep music this is the wrong well. – Anne Lamont

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