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They Came From Somewhere


Clothesline Revival (Conrad Praetzel & Robert Powell) create sounds that revive days gone by. Their first 2 albums; Of My Native Land and Long Gone were loaded with old field recordings that meshed with their own music. This album only uses one vocal sampling (on “Beautiful Home”; vocals by Orville McInturff). The rest of the songs are instrumental, and all the songs are original. Fiddle player Chris Rovetti and blues legend Charlie Musselwhite add their talents to a few songs also. It’s like someone bottled the mournful yearnings of early American hard times with the contentment of cricket filled breezy porch evenings. This album is the opening of that bottle. The enclosed moodiness is palpable. Some of it is similar to the atmospheric sounds Daniel Lanois likes to use in his music making. It stirs the emotions of untouchable memories. In spite of this moody factor, there is a whimsical twisting and bending in the instrumentation from time to time; just enough to let you know that these songs aren’t actually vintage recordings, and that they are all together unique. If you like any of what you hear on this album, you should listen to their first 2 albums. Like this one, they are also absolute treasures. Becky 6/2010

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