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Alejandro Escovedo has written some terrific rock tracks many of which have combined punk with Alt-Country. On Street Songs Of Love, Alejandro once again joins with Tony Visconti to produce an album that relies less upon the Alt-Country and more on his rock sound that made Real Animal one of Alejandro's most successful discs to date. In my opinion every track on this disc which explores some very interesting takes on the subject of love is a real treasure, but if the Title Track along with "Down In The Bowery" where Alejandro receives vocal support from Ian Hunter and "Anchor" don't pull you in then just jump from the boat. Alejandro also receives support from the boss Bruce Springsteen on the rocker "Faith". Alejandro has just risen the bar and released one of his finest discs to date. It is my opinion that "Street Songs Of Love" will bring one of music's most talented players and songwriters to the masses. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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