The Learner


Griffin House turned down a collegiate golf scholarship to learn the guitar and sing. Guess we'll never know if he would have challenged Mickelson and Woods on the PGA Tour, but we do know he can write and sing a very good song. "If You Want To" is a great opener (in which he wonders if he is "Tom Petty enough" for his significant other) and Alison Krauss helps him out with harmony vocals on the gorgeous "River City Lights." Track three, "Standing at the Station," starts in French and then segues into English (and back). "Just Another Guy" and "She Likes Girls" are the hardest rocking tunes in the set. "Let My People Go" is an impassioned song about the Native American experience. This fine record ought to make us glad he's strumming for a living rather than putting. F-Rock 06/10 Michael J.

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