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Let's Live it up is the ninth full CD release from one of Chicago's premier blues outfits Mississippi Heat. Even though this band has seen many changes in their 19 years, the one constant has remained the extraordinary harp playing of Pierre Laccocque. Moving from Belgium to Chicago in 1969 Pierre was deeply influenced by the blues great Big Walter Horton. Big Walter entered blues heaven in 1981 but his sound and soul lives on through Pierre. This CD is a mixture of Chicago style blues, gospel, blues shuffles and some terrific boogie. John Primer lends his vocals on this disc on the tracks "Steadfast, Loyal and True", "Betty Sue" and "I Got Some News Today". His vocals mix it up with one of the strongest voices in Chicago Blues today, the great Inetta Visor. Innetta has the vocals that would stand out in a Baptist church choir or in the middle of a Smokey blues bar. The veteran blues man and guitar great Carl Weathersby also lends his signature sound to most tracks on this disc. It is truly the mixture of the different vocal styles with the leadership and harp playing of Pierre Lacocque that makes this band one of the finest blues outfits playing today. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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