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AJ Downing and The Buick 6

Way Back Home


If you are one that likes to do some honky-tonking in a Texas Roadhouse setting then AJ Downing's latest release "Way Back Home" will fill the bill quite nicely. Throw in some cajun accordion with slide guitar and you will think you are in Austin, TX which is exactly where this CD was recorded. When you listen to this disc it's not hard to see why AJ Downing has been called the voice of Americana Music. This is some good old days hillbilly writing that takes you through all the familiar struggles of life from being alone, to being done wrong, to finding love and then losing it, and chasing rainbows for life's pot of gold we all find at the end. I may be alone in this assessment but I hear Ricky Nelson coming through loud and clear on a number of tracks. "...Put your picture on Facebook, let the world know you're still around. Put your picture on facebook and soon you'll be the talk of the town...Downing sings tongue in cheek from a perspective of someone that isn't on facebook...........Way Back Home isn't all fun and games however. It's really about messages written between the lines as much as the lyrics themselves. All good songs have different meanings depending on each listener's own personal journey. So take the trip that AJ Downing takes you on and find your own way back home..........reviewed by Mike James

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