Dave Barnes

What We Want, What We Get


"You can't always get what you want". There was a song made with that title by a particular rock group that for fear of dating myself too badly will remain nameless. Said another way might be "What We Want, What We Get" the new CD by Dave Barnes. This CD exposes his audience to a spiritual wisdom beyond his years. What We Want, What We Get may just be the first Summer record of 2010 and possesses the pop hooks that stay with you as they will be playing in your head long after you have stopped listening. The opening track "Little Lies" will have you bouncing at the beach and yes even sipping on a few Jamaican margaritas. Welcome Summer! But one only has to look deeper to discover lyrics that speak about the struggle of marriage and relationships. When you hear Motown horns, segueing to reggae and molded together with wonderful pop hooks and melodies you will realize that Dave Barnes has grown as an artist as well as a man!..........reviewed by Mike James

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