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Medicine County


Entering the music scene in the early 1990's, British singer-songwriter Holly Golightly Smith has been nothing short of prolific releasing thirteen albums on her own. In recent years, Holly has teamed up with the Brokeoffs - made up of one man, Lawyer Dave, the Texas singer and multi-instrumentalist. Together they've now released three albums to date with the addition of this release - 2010's Medicine County. Combining rhythm and blues, country, rockabilly, and the sounds of the 1960's, what you end with here is a pretty diverse set of sounds. In recent years, Golightly has relocated from her native Britain and has found solace and a home in Georgia. It's no wonder that a southern influence is found throughout this release. The short but extremely fun "I Can't Lose" has a bluegrass feel, utilizing the fiddle and banjo that works wonderfully with the singer-songwriters voice. On "When He Comes," - Golightly and the Brokeoffs delve into a blues laced southern gospel song that works really well. Another track worth some attention is the opener - the haunting "Forget It" - featuring Golightly's captivating voice accompanied with some ghostly effects on the organ. "Don't Fail Me Know" a simple and melancholy track, sounds like a rockabilly song right out of the 50's or 60's. All in all, each song here has its own distinct flavor. If one song doesn't catch your fancy, the next one probably will. A pleasant listen from start to finish! ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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