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Dr, Dog

Shame Shame


Venturing outside of their Philadelphia home studio for the first time Dr. Dog's Shame Shame release on Anti captures the band's energy of their live performances. The band's wonderful almost "Beach Boy" like harmonies are found through out the album beginning with the opening track Stranger. The haunting lyrics of Shadow People may cause more than one listener to glance over their shoulder attempting to find "where the Shadow People go". You will discover a mix of genre's ranging from country to alternative and the quality of vocals will remind one of Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople fame. Even though the harmonies are most uplifting there remains a hint of darkness sprinkled amid tight guitar riffs and bright melodies which might leave one a bit confused. I for one believe that this level of confusion means this band has left themselves a lot of room to grow for future releases............reviewed by Mike James

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