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Tears, Lies and Alibis


After her stunning bulls-eye set of Dusty Springfield hits ("Just a Little Lovin'"), Shelby Lynne gets back to her roots-rock acoustic self with this solid release of her own music. The songs are closer to her albums "Identity Crisis" and "Suit Yourself" than the more lushly produced "I Am Shelby Lynne." Not only is she the writer, she's also the producer and the sound is great. The record opens up with the simple, yet exquisite "Something to Be Said" and "Home Sweet Home" and jumps with "Rains Came" and "Why Didn't You Call Me" before the soul-bearing of "Like a Fool" and "Alibi." I also liked the backwoods feel of "Old #7." Lynne's music retains the soulful feel of her Dusty and "I Am Shelby" records; she subtracts the orchestra and emphasizes the guitars this go round and it doesn't hurt one little bit. A talented artist. Michael J. 03/10 R-Roots

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