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Let The Light In


Out of Austin and veteran of over twenty song placements in television and film, Amy Cook has released this album of guitar-driven folk-rock. With the help of producer Alejandro Escovedo, Amy Cook has created accessible folk with catchy pop and rock elements. When I heard the first track, "Get It Right", I thought I was going to have a difficult time making it through the entire album; but the second track, "Moonrise", caught my interest, with its country-noir feel and Alejandro himself helping out on the vocals. Some of the songs here I simply do not like, but there are some highlights. Both, "I Like To Go To Parties" and "Strange Birds" are interesting in their simplicity and the slow-building "Mescaline" features nice string elements: also I don't know who Marianne is, but I might like to meet her after hearing "I Wanna Be Your Marianne". While Amy Cook is being touted as a singer/songwriter, I think she has more than that to offer on this release. Rebecca Ruth

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