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The Indie Rock of singer/songwriter Zach Rogue and his band Rogue Wave are back. While not garnering the attention of more notable acts such as Death Cab for Cutie and The Shins, the now five-some from Oakland, California returns with a sound well worthy of such comparisons and yet distinctly their own. In comparison to 2007's more subdued and ethereal "Asleep at Heaven's Gate," this effort is far more pop/rock and perhaps more accessible for some. Produced by Dennis Herring (Jars of Clay, Ben Folds, Modest Mouse) and on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records, the idea here is quite obviously to have a bit more fun. The opener "Solitary Gun" is a catchy song with a steady melody making it well worth a few spins. The first single of the album is the synth and electronic infused "Good Morning (The Future)" - an upbeat and fun track that even manages to incorporate a drum machine to give it the full electro feel. Three songs in, things slow down a bit with the softer but equally compelling "Sleepwalker." "We Will Make A Song Destroy" is a nice mixture of both the softer and sometimes lethargic Rogue Wave and the new and more upbeat sound that is largely found here. Perhaps the best song here is the soft and sometimes haunting "Fear Itself" - a track that showcases Rogue's vocals for what they are - captivating in all their quietness. About half-way through "Permalight," the Wave's fourth full-length effort, the songs grow less interesting and of a slightly lesser quality. Still, "Pemalight" is a nice recording worthy of a good bit of play, and may just put Rogue Wave on a bigger map. ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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