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I'm sure it is easy to dismiss Carrie Newcomer's earnestness and quiet diplomacy of thoughtful living in these days of picking sides and yelling our opinions. Perhaps her music is too gentle for you, her observations too quaint. Too bad. Her 12th release for Rounder is another set of well-written and -delivered folk songs that counsel, "Courage doesn't always shout/But whispers and reminds/When we get up one more morning/And try one more time." Her rich alto has never sounded better, and the opening title track has her duet with another fine singer/songwriter, Mary Chapin Carpenter. She retains her gift of seeing the larger meaning in common daily experiences, best illustrated in "I Do Not Know Its Name." The song "Hush" is a beautiful rumination on forgiveness. The closer gives Eve credit for naming the animals (tough luck, Adam). If more of us would turn off cable news and listen to a Carrie Newcomer CD, we'd live in a better country. Try getting that through Congress. F-Contemporary 03/10 Michael J.

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