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Mr. Sad Clown


It was 1979 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas formed what is now the Bo Deans, and their voices still harmonize in a distinctive way that feels like summer, the windows rolled down in your car and a cold beer on the front porch. They scored first in 1986, teaming up with T-Bone Burnett for "Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams" and continue the legacy of great songs with this, their ninth studio CD (they have two live discs, a best-of and some b-side collections, too). This set opens with a traditional Bo Deans rocker, "Stay," which also introduces something new for the guys, a bit of trumpet on the chorus. You'll find more of that rock harmony on "Say Goodbye," "Let it Ride," "Feel 'Lil Love" and "Back Then." The other cuts are more reflective in nature, but still feature flashes of that blend of voices that keep them -- and us -- coming back for more. New Bo Deans = Must Be Getting Warmer Outside! R-Contemporary 03/10 Michael J.

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