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There are certain discs that just uplift you and leave you with a joyous feeling after listening too; Harlem Parlor Music Club’s Salt of The Earth is certainly one of them. This superb gathering of 15 friends and musicians from the New York area includes WYCE favorites Darden Smith and Mary Lee Kortes from the band Mary Lee’s Corvette. HPMC combines traditional folk, gospel and just a pinch of funk to keep their sound fresh through all 11 tracks. HPMC sound could easily be compared to the band Ollabelle as they use six different vocalists, traditional strings, three different dobro players and a terrific rhythm section to round out their sound. Out of the 11 tracks 10 are originals with the exception of the masterful job done to Sly And The Family Stone classic “Thank You {forlettinmebemiceelfagin}” This CD was recorded in an 1890’s Harlem townhouse with very little overdubs leaving it with a warmth felt when 15 friends join together to make great music. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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