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Matthew Ryan writes some of his best songs when faced by personal tragedies or situations. Matthew was sitting in an emergency room with a good friend. Thinking it was too soon to loose this friend, he sat down with a pen and wrote 10 songs dedicated to saying things to lovers that often go unsaid. The heartfelt emotion felt in this release is gripping. Matthew teeters between slower folk songs like “Your Museum” and “The World is” to tracks that have a U2 rock quality such as “The Wilderness” and “Spark” a slower dance trance track featuring DJ Perch. The raspy quality in Matthews’s voice is perfectly suited for the emotions felt in this disc and he brings you into his heart on each of the tracks. After just one listen to this disc it is easy to understand why Matthew Ryan is one of the most underrated recording artists recording today. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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