Lace Up Your Workboots


It’s two years after the release of their 1st full length album, Transform into Beasts, and I’m still trying to knock that title track song out of my head in order to make room for this new album of Boca Chica’s titled Lace Up Your Workboots. This alternative folk band from Pittsburgh is mainly Hallie Pritts, with a loose rotating cast of musicians. On this album the line-up includes Susanna Meyer (a Boca Chica constant) and Matt Miller from “Beasts”, plus Jeff Baron of The Essex Green and Ladybug Transistor, as well as a slue of other talented Pennsylvania musicians. The music is light and airy, while keeping one foot firm on this American ground. The sounds weave nicely between sparse and simple to full, lush string collages. Pins and Needles and Valentine both have a very pleasing build in sound. As the Pittsburgh Paper accurately described them: “A Steinbeckian blend of Appalachian, alt-country and folk rock”. Their overall sound could be compared to the Be Good Tanyas, Jolie Holland, Hank Dogs or HEM. Their album Transform into Beasts transformed me into a fan a couple years ago, now Lace Up Your Workboots will definitely keep me listening. Becky Kenny 12/2009

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