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Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges



Recorded live at Chango’s Havana Club in San Antonio, Texas, this disc features singer/guitarist Eugene Hideaway Bridges backed by a swinging band including keys and a horn section. With a guitar sound that draws on the smooth lyrical styles of B.B. King and Robert Cray but with fleet fingered flourishes thrown in to add a sonic punch, Bridges makes each of the 15 cuts collected here an enjoyable listen. Far from just another night of 12 bar blues, (although straight blues gets is due on "Real Hero" and several other tracks), Bridges and crew treated the audience to everything from shades of Otis Redding style soul, "Learn How To Let You Go", to Roadhouse rockers a la Delbert McClinton, "Giving Up On Love", to Sam Cooke’s "Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day" to jump blues, "Jump the Joint" and even a bit of East Coast beach style music, "Movin’ and a Groovin’". Interestingly, Bridges shares more than a guitar style with B.B. King: he also has a big, expressive voice that, like King, can sound notes of despair one moment and outright glee just as effectively the next. While Bridges is clearly the star of the show he gives the band plenty of room to shine throughout the disc but most prominently on the smoking "I Know That you Love Me" which features punchy solos from each band member that show their skills but don’t overstay their welcome. With one hot tune after another there’s no doubt that the crowd at this show were sweat soaked and happy at the end of the night. Smitty

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