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The Sweeter the Juice


Laura Love teams up with country bluesman and dobro master Orville Johnson to do a set of (mostly) traditional American folk, gospel and civil rights music -- an acoustic version of what Mavis Staples did a couple of years back with "We'll Never Turn Back." The two sometimes develop two distinct songs into a medley, with Laura leading on one and Orville the other; on some songs they harmonize. Laura's always included some of these early classics in her concert sets and decided to release a disc that's full of 'em. These familiar songs are all done well, with Laura's thick bass playing and Orville's dexterity blending nicely. Check out "Load Up/Eyes on the Prize" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Swing Down Chariot." "Livin' in a Dream" is an old Robbie Robertson song. F-Traditional 12/09 Michael J.

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