Accidental Experimental


This album is a very fun, and interesting roller-coaster ride. The varying sounds all coming in the same style allows for a lot of moods, and I enjoyed all of them. I enjoyed the instrumentation quite a bit; it's very complex at times but still easy to enjoy. I enjoyed the guitar lines, they create a melodic sort of feel that I think is important. The percussion is well orchestrated, too. It fits the music very well, and isn't overpowering. The added synthesizer add an interesting element to the music, giving it depth and originality. The vocals are very good; her voice is very smooth, fun, and melodic. Her lyrics are also quite well-written. The sound is well put-together, with all these elements falling into place around each other. This album is her third solo album. She is also one of the duo The Bird and Bee, formed shortly after working with Greg Kurstin on her first solo album, and was a member of Merrick, and lent her talents to many people over the course of her career. Very talented, she is. I'm glad she decided to showcase her talents on her solo project. Overall, this album is really enjoyable. I had difficulty narrowing down the ones I would most recommend; that took listening to the album 3 extra times. I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen or two (or three). Recommends: 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 ~Chris Thomas - November 20, 2009

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