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One Fast Move or I'm Gone


Here is the folk soundtrack for the film, “One Fast Move or I'm Gone”- based on Jack Kerouac's trip to Big Sur and writings done there. Some critics are upset this isn’t jazz as Kerouac came out of the Beat generation but I think this is a brilliant interpretation. Jay Farrar of Son Volt and Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie were both already familiar with Kerouac’s writings when they used Kerouac’s words to their original music. Big Sur may be one of Kerouac’s darkest works but there is light to be found. There is optimism in the rhythm and slide guitar’s mood on #6 “These Roads Don’t Move” as I listened to Gibbard sings a line from the end of the novel, “Something good will come of all things yet.” I loved the title track #8. Sometimes the lyrics sound forced (#9) but I enjoyed this cd and look forward to the movie. NO PLAY 12 (F###) Anne Lamont

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