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Curse Your Branches


Former front man of alternative Christian rock band Pedro the Lion, David Bazan has made a name for himself in recent years by battling alcoholism (with a few famous on-stage debacles) and a defiant turn against his earlier expressions of faith. His new solo disc is loaded with caustic lines aimed at religion ("With the threat of hell hanging over my head like a halo/I was made to believe in a couple of truths" from "When We Fell") along with a number of references to his battles with bottle (in "Bless This Mess," he wonders if his baby daughter would "soon despise the smell of the booze on my breath"). Personally, I don't find this music offensive at all; at times harrowing, yes, but it is the honest expression of fear, doubt and even anger that we all experience along life's journey. Sometimes tender and repentant, sometimes raging and table-pounding, Bazan examines the deep recesses of his soul -- and causes us to reflect on what we're made of in the process. Michael J. 09/09 R-Alternative

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