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Still Your Man


With a sound described by USA Today as "thoroughly modern but completely unlike contemporary country," Paul Burch is back with his seventh full-length release titled Still Your Man. Along with help from his WPA Ballclub band, the singer-songwriter provides listeners a sound that, while labeled country, is undoubtedly influenced by 50's era honky tonk and the early rock and roll style known as rockabilly. Recorded in an old garage turned studio in Nashville, Burch and his band get off to the thoroughly likable and rockabilly start with the opener "Like a Train." Covering the late Little Walter on "It Ain't Right," Burch delves into the blues and doesn't disappoint. Another song that brings back memories of Roy Orbison is the short and mellow "Lead Me On." There's even the beautiful and lush "Honey Blue" that incorporates piano, guitar, and percussion all to make a sound that could largely be categorized as jazz. In truth, there's too much good here to comment on everything. In the end, all fourteen songs have their own uniqueness to them, making this a great recording to listen to again and again. ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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