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Stupid Love


On her third release (we're not counting her CD of Christmas songs), Mindy Smith -- who has been touted as being in the same league as Patty Griffin, Alison Krauss and Shawn Colvin -- bares her soul about love's ups and downs. And, as she does on her earlier sets, she doesn't spare herself or the others in her various relationships. All of the emotions, positive and negative, come out. It's like opening up someone's personal journal and following the story; but we don't feel like creepy lurkers, rather invited confidantes to share her grief and joy. Hard to pull off, but she manages to do it. Her mix of music and lyric are well done. I like the NY Times quote of her music: "Her voice carves melodies so sharp and fine you can almost see them." Suggestions: "What Went Wrong,""Highs and Lows,""If I Didn't Know" (a song of hers covered earlier by Alison Krauss), "Couldn't Stand the Rain" and "Love Chases After Me." 08/09 Michael J. F-Contemporary

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