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In 2000 Sonny Ladreth released one of the finest discs of his career Levee Town. In 2009 we revisit this great recording that blended rock, blues, zydeco and even folk sounds that made this recording easily accessible to fans of Sonny’s signature slide guitar work as well as a new generation that was searching for some great Louisiana & Americana music. The expanded edition includes a bonus disc of five tracks recorded between 1998-2000 that would have fit beautifully on the original disc. The first track “Pedal To The Metal” is signature Sonny slide guitar mastery and shows how fast this mans fingers can fly. “For Who We Are” is the only vocal track of the five and is a nice sounding ballad featuring Jennifer Warnes”. The remaining three instrumentals prove that no words are required to show the beauty contained within one mans soul and his guitar. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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