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Our Love Is A Ghost


Here we go. Yes “here”. This is a local GR band. They present 8 alternative pop-rock tracks. (The word alternative being used in its current manifestation). The Bowery is Phill Kulas and Shanee Laurent. Phil Kulas also works with the bands, the Fred Thompson Trio and Japan 4. Our Love is a Ghost was recorded and mastered by 2 other local talents: Al McAvoy (who probably can claim producing half the music in this town) and Joel Ferguson (Papa Vegas). The songs are catchy and have a nice full layering of sounds. The style could be compared to that of the Dandy Warhols, or the Rosebuds; male and female vocal leads, some harmonizing, heavy electric guitar and percussion over top of some trippier, ambient sounds. The track I was most drawn to was the last one, #8; the moody tune The Needle Never Ends. Becky 7/2009

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