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It has been stated that good things are worth waiting for and after seven long years the first studio CD from the Hot Club Of Cowtown is no exception to that rule. The CD begins with HCCT’s signature western swing sound with a cover of the Bob Wills track “Cant Go On This Way”. This CD Is hard to categorize as it ventures into several different genres including the jazz influenced renditions of “Someone to Watch Over Me” and: One Step Closer”. “The Magic Violin” and “Heart of a Roman” are both instrumentals that showcase the classically trained fiddle work of Elana James”. Whit Smith’s guitar and vocals provide a wonderful rendition of the Hoagy Carmichael country ballad “Georgia” and the folk ballad “Carry Me Close”. This is also the first HCCT disc with drums provided by newcomer Damian Llanes. I hope it is not just “Wishful Thinking” that we won’t have to wait seven more years until we next hear from the Hot Club Of Cowtown. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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