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Eros And Omissions


LANDy is Adam Goldberg (actor, writer, producer, director). Along with some help from Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart and Stephen Drozd of The Flaming Lips, Goldberg sings in the range of what sounds like a cross between John Lennon and Jon Brion, except he can’t quite sing as well as either of them. Goldberg also takes on keyboards, guitar and drums on many of these tracks. Before taking a first listen, I expected equal parts irony and irreverence, injected with the actor’s signature dark humor. In a sense, Eros and Emissions does carry Goldberg’s black-humored irreverence, although he seems to take his music as seriously as any up-and-coming musician, and this debut is a surprisingly affective collection of moody, atmospheric dream pop that packs in a lot of sounds, vocal styles and personality. -LaRae

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