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This release gives Terri Hendrix a place to showcase cuts that didn’t end up having a home on her prior discs or that have been reinvented so much on the road that they need revisiting. Make no mistake though, these aren’t mere cast offs or demos, they are full fledged efforts that stand tall on their own merits. Highlights include the tough, sinewy "Posey Road Stomp", her live show staples, "Wallet" and "Hole in my Pocket", the funky, semi-spoken, "Bottom of the Hill 2", the gypsy groove of Cheryl Wheeler’s "Summer Fly", the reggae bounce of "Wilderness Song" and the Little Feat style work out "Rockin’ on the River" where Hendrix sounds uncannily like a young Maria Muldaur. Also included are a couple of new cuts that paint a bright future for Hendrix: "Bring ‘Em All In" has multi-track vocals and features her best Dolores O’Riordan (the Cranberries) imitation to generally good effect while "Give Me Flowers" is the kind of earnest message song that seems to spring effortlessly from her pen. Like fellow Texan, Michelle Shocked, Hendrix has the ability to both enlighten and entertain. This disc has ample doses of both of these strengths. Smitty

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