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Alright Dynamite


A native of Victoria, British Columbia, 24-year-old Kendal Carson started out musically as a violist in a youth symphony, then got involved in the folk scene first with her brother and later with The Paperboys. She struck up a mentorship with legendary songwriter/producer Chip Taylor, which has resulted in two strong Alt-Country discs, "Rearview Mirror Tears" and this new set. Carson employs her voice in a strong and soulful manner that recalls Shelby Lynne (check out "I Don't Wanna Be Your Mother" or "Ooh That Dress" for examples). Defiant yet dependent, confident yet questioning, Carson serves up some great songs, such as the languid "Oh Baby Lie Down," the toe-tapping "Belt Buckle," the confessional "Jesse James" and the rocker "Submarine." She does a nice take on the Janis Joplin classic "Mercedes Benz," too. Carson has obvious talent and it will be interesting to watch this career go. Michael J. 06/09 F-Alt Country

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