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We've heard of bluegrass and newgrass -- how about tundragrass? Bearfoot is a bluegrass ensemble from Anchorage, Alaska and they can fiddle, mandolin and harmonize just as well (maybe better) as their kin in the Lower 48. The band knocked around Alaska for a number of years, honing their skills, but things revved up when Californian lead vocalist and fiddle player Odessa Jorgensen joined the group late last year. Her vocals emote and soar and the rest of the Bearfooters ably provide a great musical backdrop. Everything on this disc is well done; check out "Single Girl," the haunting title track and tragic "Caroline," John Hiatt's "Before I Go," a cover of the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" and the coy closer "Good in the Kitchen." Michael J. 05-09 F-Bluegrass

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