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Eleni Mandell

Artificial Fire


Album with abundant production, in that it's loaded with tracks (15 of them) and features divergent songs in degrees of jazz, funk, blues, rock, pop, and punk. Lots of sounds get released from what's primarily a guitars and drums core, though there are horns or strings on some tracks. Mandell's voice is breathy soft and sweet as she sings languidly, or with ache or even throaty vigor. Lovesick “Don't Let It Happen” (Track #9) is irresistibly catchy, with bluesy guitar and cooing refrain. There are a number of slow burners, including dreamy and sensual “In The Doorway” (Track #10), fuzz of amped blues on “I Love Planet Earth” (Track #13) and the throbbing, jazzy “Two Faces” (Track #14). Great up tempo tracks include the punchy “Little Foot” (Track #8) and growling “Cracked” (Track #15); the final track is a refreshment: even after 14 other tracks, you wish there were more songs with its snarl - a delivery that's quite becoming of Mandell

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