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Cookie Bumstead & The Lonesome Space Cadets

Cookie Bumstead & The Lonesome Space Cadets


Young, vibrant, and truly ambitious Grand Rapids musicians still in high school, Cookie Bumstead & Co. play with a kind of energy only available in youth. Obviously, there is a nice lump of Daniel Johnston-esque earnestness to the sound of this debut. But really, the album kicks around a sound that rallies some truly great songwriters and bands. It's as if teen versions of Jonathan Richman, Violent Femmes, and Clem Snide all rowdy on soda pop, gum cigarettes, & Tom Hanks movies, because Danielson Family are the coolest babysitters. Watch out for these kids, er uh young adults. Lot's of heart on sleeve honest songs about love and like and awesome. In the band's own words; "Cookie Bumstead is ready to make you Dance, Sing, and be Merry!" No Play Track 4

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