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Love Remains


On her fourth release, Chicagoan Alice Peacock starts the record by shouting out "I'd like to get stoned" on the opener "All About Me." But the irony is that the overriding theme of "Love Remains" is to get off your duff and do something important, that will make a mark -- and do it with faith and flair and family. "Real Life" and "City of Angels" juxtapose the choices we make in where and how we live. "If I Could Talk to God" and "Forgiveness" has her mixing it up with the Almighty, leading to a challenge to each one of us. "Fairborn" talks about moving forward, but not losing a sense of home. Sometimes Kasey Chambers, sometimes Steve Earle, all the time herself, Alice Peacock delivers a great set of songs that aren't only catchy; once they catch you, they might just change your thinking.

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