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Naked Willie


This "new" Willie CD will probably not add any new fans to his bus, but it certainly is a treat to Willie-lovers (like myself) . These songs were all recorded prior to his landmark release of Red Headed Stranger in 1975 and the beginning of the "outlaw" era of country music. Two things make this CD a must for Willie fans and historians: 1. The production - or a better term- the "unproduction". These songs were chosen by long time confidant Mickey Raphael and intentionally "unproduced", stripping them of the layers and layers of 1960's Nashville "sound". 2. The liner notes. These notes are a great read. It goes into detail about the early business of Nashville and country music, and it is a great introduction to the struggles of a recording artist like Willie in his early days. A couple sounds of note: The classic #11- The Party is Over - which is a staple of Willie concerts and the Kris Kristofferson written #16 Sunday Morning Coming Down (a classic!!!!) Let's appreciate Willie while he is here!!

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