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Okay, so you've been looking for a new favorite bluegrass band now that Nickel Creek is in hibernation. But you don't want a copy-cat knock-off of the Creek and, because you're a WYCE listener, you want evidence of a few other musical influences thrown in. Your search has ended. The Greencards, a trio made up of two Australians and a Brit, approaches bluegrass with the same guitar, mandolin, violin, harmony work that defines that corner of the library, but you'll hear homages to jazz, blues and world music throughout. Check the world influences of "The Avenue," the jazz feel of the title track and "Into the Blue" and the blusey "Three Four Time." If you need your traditional bluegrass fix, never fear: songs such as "Outskirts of Blue" and "Rivertown" get you where you want to be. Excellent throughout -- musically and lyrically. Welcome to the State of WYCE, Greencards! No pledge of allegiance needed. Michael J. 04/09 F-Bluegrass

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