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DAN HICKS AND THE HOT LICKS With a voice that is often perilously close to being out of tune and a delivery that spits out words faster than bullets at a drive by shooting Dan Hicks can sometimes leave listeners in the dust which, of course, is part of the charm as you listen to his tunes over and over again to pick up the sly jokes and crazed ruminations on life. Making the repeated listening worthwhile is a musical backdrop that veers wildly between gypsy swing, jazz, jug band and blues Highlights of this set include Hicks trying to negotiate through a rude world on "The Diplomat", which gets extra sass from his female backing crew, the bass driven "Blues My Naughty Baby" and the title track, both of which feature Hicks trying his hand at Cab Calloway style scatting, the jazzy homage to his father, "Song for my Father", the bluesy tale of a party gal, "The Rounder" (featuring Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica), the tub-thumping, "Ragtime Cowboy Joe", the spot on cover of Dylan’s "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and the chill out vibe of "Let It Simmer". Smitty

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