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Outside Our Gates


Durrett has a warm soft voice, dark thoughtful lyrics, and music that is lush and penetrating with waltzy rhythms that hang in the air long after the album concludes. These rhythms are the driving undercurrent carrying this album to various heights, and depths. So many layers that some of them seem to be whispering to your brain…secretly…you won’t even know it until later. She’s the young niece of singer/songwriter Vic Chesnutt (they both hail from Athens, GA, like so many other musical greats). Uncle Vic helped her get started when she was quite young, and now that she’s a pro (this being her 3rd release, along with lots of rave reviews from reputable sources) he lends some of his talents on her album. In spite of the fact that she herself plays guitar, piano, drums, organ and xylophone, she has a large troupe of other talented musicians adding their stings, brass, beats and “space effects”. Her voice is low and whispery like that of Cat Power and Beth Orton. The songs are transporting. The album is beautiful. Becky Kenny 2009

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