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WAR CHILD-16 Of Todays Biggest Artists



WAR CHILD PRESENTS HEROS Everything associated with this Disc is amazing. It assembles 16 classic artists including {Dylan, The Clash, Steve Wonder Leonard Cohen, U2, David Bowie and more} and has them pick 16 of today’s hottest artists Including {Beck, Duffy, Lilly Allen, Rufus Wainwright & the Scissor Sisters} to cover some of their classic tracks. Instead of trying to reproduce exact covers each artist takes their own liberties in making these classic tracks their own. It is fair to say there is not one missed target in this group. The other amazing thing is the proceeds from this disc go to an award winning charity that provides humanitarian assistance to war-affected children in some of the most devastated regions of the world. This leads me to only one question if children were left to their own devices and the power of the music provided on this disc would there ever be a thing called war? Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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