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Harvard-educated Joshua Redman provides an interesting musical experiment on this latest set -- employing two bassists for most the cuts, one in each channel, and at times doubling up on the drum section as well. The "double trio" format is unusual and Redman wasn't sure that the arrangements would work: Would the music be too "bottom-heavy" and weighted down? The results, on the contrary, are striking and most of the "doubling up" sessions made the record. I think the emphasis on the rhythm gives the songs a fresh feel and actually make Redman's fine sax playing stand out all the more. I liked the cuts that build up steam as they progress, such as "Faraway" and "Identity Thief," plus the generally upbeat selections "Hitchhiker's Guide" and "Round Reuben." For the upper crust, there's a unique interpretation of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." J-Esoteric 03/09 Michael J.

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