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The Stars Are Out


On Sarah Borges' first two recordings, 2005's Silver City and 2007's Diamonds in the Dark, critics of her music described Borges' sound as a mixture of country and punk. On her most recent release, The Stars Are Out, we get more of what some might call pure rock 'n' roll. Yes, the country is still here such as on the song "Better at the End of the Day," where the country in her voice is also hard to miss. Nevertheless, the "rock" is hard to overlook throughout this ten song offering, such as on the opening track and also the first single, "Do It For Free," which could very well be Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - not Sarah Borges and her band the Broken Singles. One song that sounds reminiscent of Chris Isaak is the rockabilly laden and yet laid back "Met Your Ghost." Borges even manages to incorporate her very own version of Smokey Robinson's classic, "Being With You," and does so quite well. Still, two songs deserve special mention as true standouts on this album. The first, "No One Will Ever Love You" incorporates the baritone guitar and the lap steel to create a sound that while melancholy and sad, still sounds incredible. The second, "I'll Show You How," utilizes the harmonica and the upbeat rhythms in a way that reminds one of the energy of Chrissie Hynde and the sound of The Pretenders. From simply a listening standpoint, this album is a keeper. The truth be told, there's not a bad song here so you can safely listen to The Stars Are Out in its entirety and repeatedly and you won't be disappointed. ~ Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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