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Three acclaimed singer/songwriters -- Cindy Bullens, Wendy Waldman and Deborah Holland -- have teamed up to form an Indigos-like folk harmony supergroup. The set is comprised of songs each has recorded before (getting new voice-blending treatment here) and new composition written for the trio. The disc opens with a jangling upbeat new title track with each taking the lead vocals at various points; the other written-for-the-record tune that stands out is "On My Way" by Waldman and Holland. The Bullens songs that get the trio makeover are great -- "I Gotta Believe in Something" and "Box of Broken Hearts." Another interesting re-treatment is Holland's "There's a Spy in the House of Love," a song she did years ago in her band Animal Logic. They close with an-almost acappella version of a Waldman song that Vanessa Williams made into a big pop hit years ago, "Saving the Best for Last," and the results show off how well these women blend their voices. It will be interesting to see if they continue this band or if it's just a one-time thing. There is a lot of potential here to make a big splash in the folk-country pond. F-Contemporary 02/09 Michael J.

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