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MISSY RAINES & THE NEW HIP INSIDE OUT Seven time winner of the best bass player award by the International Blue Grass Association, Missy Raines has released a brilliant CD that stretches every boundary of Bluegrass. This CD could as easily be considered an innovative jazz release as bluegrass. This is truly a full band CD with some amazing players; Ethan Ballinger is a protégé of Matt Flinner on Mandolin and at the age of 21 throws licks downs that will make fans of Chris Thile smile. Michael Witcher on the resonator and lap steel guitars has been sought after from players like Dwight Yokam, Joan Osborn & Dolly Parton. Dillon Hodges on guitar has been throne the National Flat-picking Guitar Champion and its east to tell why. As mentioned this disc is innovative and hard to categorize “Stop Drop & Wiggle: has elements of jazz funk, “In Over Your Head” would probably be easier to play on Jazz radio then country. “Tattoo” has elements of blues that reminds us it’s easier to remove a ring then a tattoo. Two of the Three vocal tracks “Basket of Singing Birds” and “Magnolia” show shades of Nickel Creek. This CD stretches all musical classifications and the results will certainly please lovers of many musical genres. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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