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BUDDY & JULIE MILLER WRITTEN IN CHALK Buddy & Julie Miller have been making great music for over 20 years, on this their second collaborative release the music magic continues. The sweet tenderness in Julie’s voice is balanced by the incredible guitar and the less polished vocals of Buddy. Recorded in this couples home in Nashville Tennessee where Julie penned nine of the twelve tracks. On this disc Buddy & Julie have also brought along some friends including the beautiful track “Don’t Say Goodbye” where Julie is joined by Patty Griffin on background vocals. Robert Plant continues his Alt-Country career joining vocals with Buddy on “What you Gonna Do Leroy”. The gospel sounds of Regina McCray can be found on “One Part, Two Part” & “Hush Sorrow” The CD concludes with the “The Selfishness of Man” where the Miller’s are joined by Emmylou Harris on an absolutely brilliant track. The first time I listened to this disc, I thought it was weaker then their first self titled release but after several more spins I can say I was wrong. This disc is great!! Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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