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Sycamore Meadows


First, a little background...Butch Walker has produced and written songs for the likes of Pink, Hot Hot Heat, and Katy Perry. This, fourth album from Mr. Walker, was inspired by the fires that swept through California last year. The loss of his home and all of his possessions gave him plenty of fuel for the fire, so to speak. Many of these songs were hit or miss with me. I actually wrote "icky" on my notes for a few of them, such as the ballad, "Ships In a Bottle" or the third song, "Here Comes the.." (This one actually had some help with the vocals from Pink.) The first song, "The Weight of Her", is supposed to be the single from the album. It's a decent, radio-friendly, rock tune. There are other songs here that appeal to me more, though. Take the fun, yet poignant, autobiographical piece, "Going Back, Going Home". Another, "Ponce De Leon Ave.", has a very catchy Todd Rundgren sound to it and is probably my favorite. There's also a very nice, quiet song called, "Summer Scarves". Unfortunately, some of the better songs have language that will keep them from radio airplay. (Song For the Metalheads, The Three Kids in Brooklyn) Reviewed by Rebecca Ruth.

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