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Keller Williams with Moseley, Droll & Sipe



Take a moment to read the karma warning on these two discs. Being one that finds such great things hard to resist, I’m currently headless? Unlike the normal or abnormal one man jam band Keller Williams. Live is a wee bit different. Joining up with ol’ time friends to assemble nothing but locked in grooves. Jamming through the entire Keller Library, Keller finally fronts his very own all star band. Keith Moseley’s String style cheese laced bass, Jeff Sipes leftover Salmon on rye, K dubs special sauce, and Gibb Droll licks all the rest of this right up off your plate. Bringing such Keller classics as The Juggler, Breathe, and You are What You Eat Alive in the four piece full on band experience! At first I was skeptical of what Live had in store, but Live is truly a comfortable wide eyed journey though tout the strictly strange world and mind of Keller Williams and his friends. Unfortunately this incredibly awesome adventure through the mind of Keller has quite a few long tracks for WYCE, but I think it’s about time to stretch the barriers a little and just play this! - Joe P

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