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The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium


Being only eleven at the time, I can only imagine standing there on October 13th, 1982, awaiting what was about to happen. The scene was New York City's Shea Stadium and the band was The Clash. Following on the heels of their most commercially successful effort, Combat Rock, the Clash were opening for The Who. Nevertheless, they were still able to draw an enthusiastic American crowd themselves due to radio hits like "Rock the Casbah" and others. What many listening that day were not aware of, and probably wouldn't have guessed, was that only a few weeks later The Clash would officially call it quits. Still, at this point in their brief history, the band was in demand and a "must see" for the true Rock N' Roll connoisseur. Before the music begins, an introduction of the band amidst the cheering and jeering (by The Who fans) sets the stage for what's to come and contextually reminds us that baseball was over in New York and the NFL was on strike - the stadium was filled for a different reason that day. Aside from the "Guns of Brixton" and "Armagideon Time," songs that seem temperamentally a little out of place here, the remainder of the live set is filled with passion and protest at it's best. While the hit, "Rock the Casbah" seems a little tired, the other popular single, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" is solidly done. The album kicks off with two great songs back to back, the popular "London Calling," and the fast-paced "Police on My Back." Another great back to back moment occurs with the songs "Train in Vain" and "Career Opportunities." For fans of The Clash, this high energy set and a chance to reminisce is probably enough reason to make getting a copy of this live release a priority. While ardent fans might question the set list that leaves the fan of their 1977 self-titled debut left wanting, the energy of listening to them live undoubtedly captures time in a bottle. The result is nostalgia at its best. ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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