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Okkervil River

- The Stand-Ins


Recorded during The Stage Names sessions, the latest release entitled The Stand-Ins, Okkervil River picks up where they left off. Will Sheff delivers gut-wrenching lyrics about heartbreak, torn relationships, and life in general. What sets his writing apart from everyone else? He's a true storyteller; combining spoken word-type deliverance of his songs and it's so much more real to the average Joe. This album is the deeper storyline that begun in The Stage Names. The characters become more human and the emotions run very high. Like all of Okkervil River's releases, this is another must have. Check out tracks 2 "Lost Coastlines", track 3 "Singer Songwriter", and track 9 "Calling and Not Calling My Ex". - Layne NO PLAY: 8,11 After 10pm: 3

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