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Red Letter Year is Ani DiFranco's 16th Studio Release and definitely doesn't disappoint. In a year where there has been a ton of great releases from a lot of my favorite artists, Red letter Year is on my top ten for 2008. The mood of Red Letter Year is lush musically with lots cool hooks/ melodies. Guest collaborators include Animal Prufrock of Bitch and Animal, Jenny Scheinman-Jazz Violinist and C.C. Adcock-cajun/zydeco musician. Smiling Underneath is the first release and is vintage moody/snapshot Ani. Upbeat, in your face Ani is present in Alla This, Emancipated Minor & Landing Gear. I really dig acoustic/ reflective Ani so I really enjoyed the cut Way Tight. Good Luck is a new fave too. Ani has made New Orleans her home since Katrina and there is cajun flavor on the Title cut and Red Letter Year Reprise. – Sherry C **Red Letter Year and Round A Pole great, but Airplay No-No's due to FCC/language.

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